About Kathy

y-photo-2-3I am a creative, passionate and empowering healer, coach and leader ~  resonate a life of laughter and to awaken hearts minds and bodies within others.

I earned a bachelor’s in marketing,  which speaks to my analytical business side but my first love has always been movement / dance – self expression.   I danced then I taught.  Teaching evolved into group fitness and then I explored the personal training realm.    I have been in the industry for over 20 years.    I thrive on learning more about the body, its movements, and the mechanics of how to integrate holistic information to improve client health and wellness.    As life has evolved writing and photography has grown in proportion.   All original photos appear on the site.

I am a personal trainer, functional movement specialist – this blog is designed to stop and make you think, you are not alone.  We all have struggles and hardships that’s what unites us.   If I can make a positive impact on your day, your life or give you something to think about I am grateful for your time and attention.

My approach to training and the body is unique.   I focus on 20161123_113841.jpgposture from the ground up.   I do a complete analysis of the individual and how they stand.   Discussions include appropriate sleep, work related posture, proper nutrition, balanced eating and most importantly hydration. From this information I have a spring board from which to start. I’ve found that everyone has similar goals:   lose weight, get in shape, tighten the core.  But if you are not in correct postural alignment,  I am setting you up for injury.    I can see the mechanics of how the body moves and where imbalances are present.   I work on correcting the muscular imbalances.  Then I target the flexibility or lack thereof.   I gradually move into balance, coordination, flexiposture-screen-v4bility, aerobic and eventually weight training.

What makes me unique – I don’t come with a predetermined plan.   I want to find out where my
client is today – are there issues, pain points, lack of sleep and what they did or did not eat.  All of this comes into play when training client.  I deal with the broken and the injured, my clients must deal with heart conditions, breast cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, herniation, knee replacements, back injuries – too numerous to mention.   I want to make you feel better and embrace what you can do today and progress at a pace that is not dictated or limited by insurance or physical therapy sessions.

I want my client to THANK ME for feeling great!