A metronome is a an instrument that is used to set a rhythm and pace.   It is used by musicians and dancers so they can set an internal clock of pace and flow.   As a group exercise instructor we are to stay within reasonable perimeters for participants.  can do As a dancer, I have had this rhythm ingrained in my being.    There are days when I go on auto pilot and this side of me is asleep and there are other days where it is alive in my being.

My metronome speaks to me in the woods – a place I go where no one knows me and I can get lost in the BE … BEING in the moment, BEING one with self, when the brain has turned off and I get to BE in my body.    Timing and tempo are the rhythm of my feet as they set forth to explore the trails in front of me.

We all have those internal rhythms that speak to us if we just quiet ourselves, get away from the technology and the blue screens that disturb our brain.     I was the city girl, my idea of success was working 9 to 5.  My idea of a wardrobe was high heels and skirts – not that its bad.   My idea of a vacation was the Marriott.

IMG_0744 (2).JPG

My idea of fun was so far from where I am now I am blown away by the changes.   Little did I recognize that I did what most in society expect.   Go to college, get a job, get married, get a house, get a dog, have children and get lost in the rate race of life.   It has taken me time to step back and recognize that I am much more than than.  20180709_085118 I have done the work to find out who I truly am, my authentic being.   Maybe I have been afraid to uncover this individual, but I can say I am truly happy with what I have found.

I have infused color, shapes and texture to my life.   I have surrounded myself by loving caring compassionate individuals who embrace my eclectic nature, inspire me to be better and cultivate the connections.   Those of you who challenge me and make me think and dive deeper, thank you!    Like a diamond that has been created under pressure, I have emerged with those hidden talents I have been afraid of, because they are not the norm of society.   The more I let go and BE lost in the woods, BE one with music, BE open to the possibilities of my gifts, the more they emerge raw and pure.IMG_6554.JPG

I step outside in nature and feel the pull to wander the trails, clear my head with the rhythms of my body and magic happens.   The photographs become clear, the writings deeper and I am truly able BE present.   What is missing from your life?   How can you step off the tracks to really dig in to find that authentic BEING you were meant to be?

Are you happy with yourself?   If not, its not to late to find the beauty that has been buried under all of those layers of LIFE.     Is it the waistline that we have built that insulted wall of protection because it’s easier?    Is it a relationship that you have chosen to stay with because its easier to ignore than fight for your LIFE?     What do you want … let’s open up the possibilities, because I BET no one has truly asked you that question.


You deserve so much more, you are worth so much more.    Surround yourself with those individuals, the tribe that loves and supports you no matter what!    Find your metronome, that rhythm and pace that sets you apart from the pack.  Everyone needs a hand ~ let me be that hand, that shoulder, that grounding voice to uncover that authentic BEING you were destined to be.   Let 2019 BE that year for you!

I have found the magic ~ I am creating Magic Connection and FUN … let’s do it together!

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