Writing the next chapter

As I have taken a day of self care and reflection – going back to bed to honor an exhausted body.  Cooked meals to fuel my body that are healthy and balanced.   Chose to listen to the rain as opposed to technology or music and spend quality time with my dog, many things have bubbled to the surface.20161227_195808.jpg

This past weekend opened my eyes and my heart as I stepped into a coaching role I only dreamed of years ago.    The stories I had told myself were those that play out in many of our heads.  Yes I am a personal trainer and a health and wellness coach.   I provide a lot of insight and direction for healthy eating, exercises and movement for a strong body for many that get lost in a sea of internet information.  I provide customized and unique programs for individuals to grow, get healthy and fit.  This weekend as a coach it went even deeper as my head got out of the way and the heart opened.

I feel like many of you, we start new chapters in our life with major life changes.  But what I uncovered was that stepping into leadership is that I am starting a new BOOK.  What once was,is no longer, what is, is about possibilities, abundance and coming from a place of love – self love.dinner

Possibilities or choices as some may say are always in front of us.  Do you take the highway home, or do you take those winding back roads and embrace the day?  I no longer need to fit safely into the box society expects me to be in.  The nine to five mentality does not define blue vs white.  The possibilities are limitless. Create your “I want” list, not your bucket list – dream big, declare outrageous, watch what life serves.     What I uncovered was fuller and richer than I ever expected, putting the pen to paper and setting a time and just writing for five ten fifteen minutes is an incredible journey of self exploration.cuddle buddy

 Abundance to me is a life filled with music, dancing, color and fun; relationships, connections that go deeper than you basic hellos, hugs given and received from your heart.   Abundance of time and energy to create a life not bound by walls, not bound by the clock, not by the expectations of others.  Abundance is truly freedom to be and do!

And LOVE, my heart is so full and open.  I texted my girlfriend Saturday night before my drive home – new picturemy heart is so full!!  Life just keeps getting better – I am exhausted, I am excited about the possibilities of what life has coming, I am physically exhausted and feel high on life!   The baggage of ole – guilt and anger has been left behind.  I am ready to write my next BOOK – called LIFE!


Let me show you how ….

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