Bumblebees and Butterflies

Sitting under a canopy of leaves feeling the air surround you.  The eye is drawn to movement off toward the right.  A magnolia tree in bloom with blossoms of white touched with pink.  The bumblebee danced happily from bloom to bloom and upon notice there were hundreds enveloping this tree all on a mission to work diligently and focused on collection of pollen.IMG_7211

A gentle rain produced puddles along the ways and once the clouds retreated glimmers of sun appeared and if on que the butterflies danced on top of these puddles.  Beauty and grace as they moved effortlessly silent in the dance.   It didn’t matter what day of the week these creatures of nature continued on their path.  They had a focus and a purpose.  Can we stay as strong and focused?

We do happy dances on Fridays and look forward to the weekend with glee and enthusiasm – WHY?   We have been conditioned to respond this way.  Would life be different if every day we would move with focus and regardless if it was a Tuesday or Saturday.  Our bodies don’t recognize the difference.   We get fixated on a calendar with IMG_7499 (2)five days being our work schedule and two days being our “days off”, with 9 am til 5 pm being our work hours and 5 pm is Miller time our metabolism has been sabotaged by this thinking.   Our bodies are screaming for help and have gone into shock and dismay.

I can remember when my son was young and found out with great pleasure the light switch.   Flip the switch to turn on the lights, flip the switch again to turn off the lights, and then the game began – on off on off on off …. until I lost it and called uncle!!!  How long would it take before this got on your nerves and with a big smile on his face he did it one last time – you know what I am talking about, right?    This is the same thing we are consistently doing to our bodies – throwing the switch on then off.  Our bodies are designed to have a steady state, a constant and continuous stream of nourishment and with us not staying strong and consistent our bodies cry out for help.  Do we listen?  Do we acknowledge those little pings, knocks, cries for help?   They say HELLO!!!! I need a little help here.  We have turned off that intuitive side.  Do you listen when your stomach grumbles?  Do you know when you are parched and need fluids?  Do you have cravings and recognize exactly what your body is needed?   NO, we stopped listening a long time ago.  The subtle nuances once so ingrained to us as children are now dead to us cause our brain, our controller response knows better!IMG_7219

Our bodies are designed to be grazers.  We are suppose to eat seven days a week.   Our systems require a consistent and steady input of fuel with every 3-4 hours to keep our systems running and our waistlines lean.  We have gotten so far away from this.  Don’t you think its time to regain control like the bumblebee and the butterfly.  No matter what they are diligent and focused.  No matter what day of the week they don’t stop because its the weekend.  Food is fuel and our bodies deserve it!

Let me help you find your new routine ~ get healthy and focused!

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