Pine cone

The ground was wet from the morning dew and I chose to venture out with bare feet to feel and connect to the earth on a short walk.   Listening to the morning as the birds chirped and the trees rustled in the breeze and just how beautiful and vibrant the colors surrounded me as I ventured forward.   I found pine cone laying in and around the leaves, wet on top nestled into a bed of thatch, twigs sticking out, grass caught in the folds of the cone.   Grey on the bottom and a muddy black color on top still covered with the morning dew.IMG_7303.JPG

Resembling the length and width of a banana and the end stump where it was attached to the tree was still remained.    The wood feeds my soul, keeps me grounded and feeds my fire.  The nature raw and real speaks to me, I am calmed and comforted by being in and surrounds by nature.    A definitive line of wet and dampness appears on the pine cone, like day and night.  It way laying there to be touched long forgotten by the tree discarded like many.   We need to pick the small non-descript items like people – pick them up acknowledge them and their beauty and embrace their qualities.   We walk by people daily and they too have sometimes been long forgotten, they too were once a part of the bigger picture.   We need to recognize those that we have not noticed.  Slow down our pace, stop to notice and embrace these long forgotten.  Empower and love them for their uniqueness and special qualities forgotten.

IMG_7324.JPGAnd with everything we do in life it’s time to change the perspective from an inanimate object = how differently would it read if instead if the pine cone itself represented me or you?   We are one individual that we put out to the world and sometimes a completely different individual who we keep sacred.   Is this how we want to live?   Life gets hard when we try to put on the face to the world when there are so many areas of our life that we hide or shy away from.   Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were one whole individual.   Like people, everyone needs to feel loved, valued and needed.   Everyone needs to be acknowledge and embraced for the beauty and unique qualities.   How many people do you walk by on a daily basis and don’t even make eye contact or smile?   How many people have you not spoken to because their feathers got ruffled and false judgments were made?  Now, you don’t know how and where to start those conversations – it begins with a simple hello!    Sometimes it’s not about you, sometimes it’s the judgements or impressions or thoughts that keep them holding back.

Think about changing the way we walk through our day, what if today we chose to SMILE and make eye contact with everyone, go out of our way to make a difference.  How would you feel?  How would the people you touch feel – it’s the ripple effect.  Throw that pebble into the pond and watch what happens.    When we stop and touch, with permission of course a simple hand on another hand or shoulder, life opens to the possibilities, we don’t have to be so hard, we don’t have to be so defensive and reactive.   It’s about time we change our perspective and soften our edges, life doesn’t have to be this way.    I have found a new way of being, a new way to interact, a new perspective ~ there are infinite possibilities when we get out of our own way and stop being so angry!     Step into your true authentic self and watch the beautiful butterfly emerge.


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