Today after quiet reflection I am relaxed and peaceful.  Not normally a statement that I hold true, a two hour hike turned into an adventure on the white trail; a random picnic table into comfortable conversation as opposed to coffee shop chatter.    I stepped into the day with my normal checklist of to do items with a hike being 2nd or 3rd on my list. I found stories of engagement as the world slowly faded away.  20170701_141018The cars, traffic, cell phone all distractions and notice of everyday life stresses disappeared.  I am such a time nazi and a control freak I always need to know how long and by when, my days are planned and structured.  Today was different!  Feeling the wind through the rustle of trees, hearing dogs barking off in the distance, fellow hikers engaged in lively conversation as they passed.  The clouds disappeared, turning to clear blue skies.  My soul came alive in nature. I found a peace and calm not my normal.  I have not found this sense of freedom and relaxation as today.   The need for food didn’t cross my mind, water readily available.  Hours passed like minutes, silence was golden and a calm surrender enveloped me as I ventured forward.  Passing a unique tree once struck by lightening lay high across the trail creating a tunnel was where I heard the tussle of water in the distance.  With hesitation and a slight deviation from the designated path in search of the water a new unmarked path was found.  The need for urgency and completion to find the end of the trail disappeared and freedom was found as exploration and embracing the moment took over!


20170701_142232.jpgIf I had continued on the white trail …

If I had not stopped for rest and conversation …

If I had are conversations I have had on a daily basis and today I let go and surrendered into the moment … my soul is grateful.  It feels lighter and refreshed.

And today what surprised me, my guard dropped, my inner child came to play, my control freak took the day off.  I became embraced with nature and followed this beautiful creek, explored the rocks and climbed across a fallen tree, sat and was able to BE one with self.   How many days do I forget to embrace the moment.  My tank is full.  Miles were walked, hours turned into a day of surrender.   It’s OK to let go.  I learned a lot about myself and how truly powerful self care is when you embrace every moment.


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