My 90 day journey …

This journey started years ago.   My goal with the ninety days was to ignite my passion and find out what makes me tick and to push me to find my true calling.

During this journey every button was pushed, everything of comfort was challenged and life is forever changed.  I never did more things in a twenty-four-hour period, never connected with strangers now known as family. I have never opened up in relationships, to family and friends that I have done on such deep levels.   My wish is that my children actually get to know me and the individual I have uncovered during this journey.   I have opened my heart, opened my home and found what it is to truly be connected.  No apologies, no I am sorry; there is nothing better than love and true acceptance!

I know who I am IMG_5076– I know what I want  – I know what I need – I know what I will no longer accept for me in every aspect of my life.   It’s about true connection, giving from the heart.  Its about leaving judgement behind and complete and utter acceptance of who I am.   Knowing my boundaries and tolerance.

Finding Kathy, the beautiful heart of love to give and share; knowing my passion, talents and strengths are enough.   Knowing I am stronger than I gave myself credit for and to stop playing small.   I have passion when I get out of my head and connect with my heart and when I am truly connected with my heart I am powerful!   I am at peace and it radiates through my smile and it doesn’t have to be pasted on for the world, but it is true and genuine.

IMG_4948I have found sexy!   I am who I am and that sexy doesn’t have to be defined by a man beside me or what they have to say about your body. It is not defined as cleavage and tight fitting clothing and to be a true essence of your true self means finding your soul and owning it!  It is being comfortable in your own skin and not defined by the words of others.   I don’t have to step into the expectations of others to be my true authentic self.

Passionate so envelops who I am.   My world is filled with color, rich and vibrant.   My world is filled with nature, not the calm path but those filled with rocks, trails, water, altitude, sweat and fulfillment.   My passionate side speaks of love, connection, music, love of giving, photography, art and dance!    Come get to know me ~ it’s been a fun journey.

My creativity was dormant for years as other  fascites of my life took center state. IIMG_5514.JPG thought I didn’t need creativity as I look back, there are glimmers of it trying to jump out and speak to me however, those impulses were not strong or ignored.   If my creative side stood its ground, life as I knew it would have been filled with abundance, laughter and love instead of always trying to fit into someone else’s box.   There are no boundaries only those we impose on ourselves.

As this journey has evolved I stepped into leadership with challenges and some areas of ease and comfort.   The experience has enriched and recognizing life is now is ultimately a gift of balance.   When you step into your true power, define yourself magic happens at the end of your comfort zone.

I chose to live life out loud.   I chose to fill my life with color, pictures, life with music, connections, friendships, relationships and LOVE!    I chose to be a sexy passionate creative leader

I welcome you to explore your journey and welcome conversations that open up the possibilities for you, your family and the world!   I am forever grateful.