Over or under training?   I have watched many people workouts many hours a day to no avail.   Same for myself, teaching two cycle classes or TRX and Pilates.   Like most of the population, I thought more was better.  It got me nowhere – my clothes fit tighter I had to go up in size – what was wrong?   Some trainers tried to tell me I was building muscle.   Physicians stated it was hormones.  Education taught me the calculations of finding max heart rate and target your training between X and Y with cardio, cardio, cardio and if that doesn’t work more cardio … hmmm.   Where do you draw the line with your time in the gym?  One hour? Two hours?IMG_1288.JPG

To keep your metabolism running you need to add weight training, and to stave off osteoporosis, weight bearing exercises are key.   There’s also high intensity workout’s, cycling, interval training, and boot camp workouts to name a few.    I dislocated my hip, popped a rib, had plantar fasciitis, bruised my collar bone and almost tore my rotator cuff.   We’ve been taught no pain no gain, but is it sustainable, NO.  I am strong, I am flexible but what is the right balance of exercise?   A 50ish years young personal trainer who spends 6 days a week working with clients, I wanted to have more energy and less pain.  I vowed to leave with all original part but many individuals feel that you need to beat your body up with high intensity workouts.  There are more knee replacements, hip replacements that ever, so are these workouts the way to go?     Is that what you want – to sacrifice your body parts for that lean long figure?

Still not working – do more!!! So I read more articles did more research refined the workouts again.   Ask any of my clients and they have heard my analogy of the “Fire Pit” – keep the metabolism running!!!   The other another component that I also was juggling – FOOD!   When asked, majority of the people say YES – I am eating healthy!   But what does that look like?    If you are eating healthy why is the waistline growing?   What can’t we fit into our clothes, what is missing?    It’s balance – when we over train the body – we generate inflammation and chronic fatigue, it’s a cycle that is so hard to break.   The IMG_2248.JPGhardest part for me was my years of education and training.   I cut back on all my high intensity workouts.   If we don’t put a balance of food in our bodies, they get bigger.      I found that once I got out of my own way, stopped over training and recognized how critical protein was to my body, I found success.  My pantry no longer has pasta or rice, my frig is filled with an abundance of vegetables and good sources of protein.    Your journey starts with stepping back and recognizing that running all those miles might not be the best way.   When you put the right combination of food into your body and recognize it as fuel – you will be successful!   Time to get out of your own way ~ I did!!!


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