Humbled …

My day of reflection began being humbled ~ I am a control freak.   I love to be in charge, I know the best way to do things but sometimes life has a funny way of reminding us that we need to take a step back and ask for help.

My Saturday evening started by volunteering atIMG_1312 the local theater.   Time well spent talking engaging and supporting the community, however, little did I realize that the same place I parked time and time again would fail me.   Leaving on a high and walking to my car that’s when life laughed at me.   My car was parked or so I thought was parked in my same ole same ole spot – wrong!    If you are local to my little town,  they are also control freaks and they love for people to pay for parking everywhere.   Well, when two controllers butt heads, one ends up losing – this time it was me!     My car was towed and I could not get it the morning…. Ugh.    Getting home was my imminent task.   I could Uber or Lyft – but that would require me to download something and set up accounts or call a friend.

IMG_1315 (2)Its takes a lot for me to ask for help, but at this point in time, I needed to step back and ask for help!    I humbled myself or so it felt that way.  I was embarrassed and felt really foolish placing this call, but wow – there was no judgement, no ridicule, nothing just genuine friendship.   Without going into explanation or details, the first statement was OF COURSE I will be right there!   How many times have we held back calling people, engaging because we are afraid of what the others will say?   There are so many individuals / friends / family out there – will able and ready to help but we are scared to put ourselves out there for fear of what???

As a health and wellness coach so many people are afraid to step out of there comfort zone, be humbled – take that step that would totally make a difference and ask for help!    We all need to ask for help on occasion, I could not have gotten a ride home or a ride to the towing company this morning if I didn’t put myself out there and say HELP!    What are you looking to accomplish?  IMG_1299.JPG Getting healthy is a statement that is vague description of what you want but I ask you to dig a little deeper.   What does that look like?   Being specific – I was at the corner of Church and Gay; I needed to tell my friend where I was standing for that ride home.  You need to own it – where are you in your journey?   This will give me a spring board of where we need to start, its education guidance and a partnership on your journey to totally wellness.  Its ok to be humble and ask!!! I did ~ will you?

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