Windows vs Doors of Opportunity

I love doors.   Walking down the street I am img_6681fascinated by the colors, the shapes, windows vs. glass panels.   I take pictures to capture their uniqueness.   Windows are everywhere and though they are a part of every building, we open a window to let the fresh air and sunshine in.   We open the doors to so much more!  Our doors open our homes for deliveries and visitors, we enter and exit any building through the door.   But when it comes to opportunities – we usually say, “window of opportunity” – or are they?    How many of us stepped out of a window to get something, we use the door – we get the mail, have visitors enter our homes through the door, we receive deliveries, we bring in groceries and new family members.   Windows of opportunity are usually used as a sales pitch and if you don’t make a decision today you will miss whatever deal that is available and if you don’t jump NOW, it will be gone forever.    Windows are usually small in comparison to doors. img_5873

Likewise, people have stated close the door to that chapter of your life, career ~ but how many of us have walked down endless streets and barely noticed these doors?   The doors are different colors, and shapes.  Some doors have windows or are decorated.   They open to the left and to the right – some doors open out to the street while others open to the homes.  These are our opportunities but do we recognize what is before us or are we so occupied looking behind on those that are closed to us that we miss those small little things that could be the door to a new life, a new career, a new body?  What IMG_6389.JPGare we missing by not recognizing those things that are right in front of us?   We are so inundated with information and stuff, how do we recognize what is good, what is worth exploring, what is truly something to stop and pay attention to?

Every January we walk through a door to a gym with the intention of getting healthy?    We opened this door but did we really take a look at what is available inside this opportunity.    We put our heads down head to the first piece of equipment and we are off to the races.   Did you bother to look around, did you ask questions, what is best for me?    We are told to work out for 30 minutes and if you read the internet there is a wide range of information, is it specifically for you?  img_6421Our focus is to get it done, but what should we get done?  We approach the gym, our health with the mentality of a window – a short period of time, otherwise it’s missed.    Our health is for the long haul.  First, we need to do things differently if we approach this January with a new focus that that door is full of information and it will enhance your life and health then you will be receptive to better way of life.   Stop take a look around, ask questions!   There are many different sources of information, take charge of your health by choosing a door that speaks to optimal health.   Optimal health speaks of balance between our eating habits, sleeping habits, our stress levels and our workouts.   Thirty minutes will not be the window of opportunity that makes 2017 the year you become that amazing authentic individual that is hiding in those sweatshirts, trying to just get it done!    It’s your year ~ Choose to be healthy!




Shopping List

grocery-shoppingOn a recent Saturday adventure to the Italian Market in Philadelphia I was totally surprised at the abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables available.   If I lived closer to this neighborhood I would be there every weekend.

Where do you start when creating your shopping list?   Do you create your menu first, then put together your grocery list or do you have a well-stocked pantry?  Then head to the store to see what amazing vegetables and create something unique.    When my children were young I would start with the menu, then check the pantry and fill in where I needed.    The more I explore cooking and being open to what is presented and knowing what will fuel my body and keep it lean and energized, I approach shopping and cooking differently.    I welcome you to explore your shopping list with a new sense of fun!

I have at least 2-3 books I am reading at time.  img_5851-2 I want to find out what makes our bodies function at optimal performance.    After a year of exploration, I have found that some staples in my diet were not helping me.   Some of these food items caused inflammation, acne, bloated belly just to name a few of the aliments I confronted.      My journey took me through the grocery store – any nutritionist will tell you that eating around the grocery store is the way to success.     The isles are our pitfalls, filled with processed, chemically altered products all contributing to excess weight gain.   But a closer look is needed on the perimeter walls of that grocery store.     Our bodies are designed to be efficient and by efficient we need to fuel it constantly with meals and snacks to keep it running.    Many of my clients take better care of their cars than their bodies – they arrive at the gym without eating, they don’t feel like cooking at night so they pop a bowl of popcorn and consider it dinner.   Is that working for you?    Success in your shopping needs a little education.    We need to keep our body running like a luxury car, continued care, continued fuel and hydration.   We need to switch to smaller portions, with a continuous supply of food.   When we get the right foods, the body’s blood sugar and insulin does not spike.img_5797-2

What are the right foods for our bodies?   What should our shopping list look like?    We need to take a look at the glycemic index of food, also known as blood glucose or blood sugar levels.   Look for foods that have a low glycemic number GI – these promote weight loss!    Cucumbers, romaine lettuce, radishes, celery have a lower GI than corn, carrots or peas, which have high sugar.    Bagels, white potatoes, rice cakes and pasta all elevate your blood sugar and makes it difficult to lose weight.   If your ultimate goal is weight loss, keep your shopping list rich in colors in vegetables, limit the intake of your fruit and increase your lean proteins will make a slimmer waistline!    What are you going to do differently in 2017 – it starts with your shopping list!