Choices ~ are you defined by the choices or lack of choices you have made?     The weather has changed we are now into our fall clothes, do they fit?   Are you satisfied with the way we jumped and embraced summer – was there excess indulgences, little extra wine or beer?   Are you paying for those choices today?      Are you happy with the way you look / feel / sleep?   Are you in pain – back pain and or stiffness, do you have leg, foot or knee issues – why?  And I will never accept ‘Old Age’ as an excuse you can always make positive changes … These questions are all about the choices we have made.

I chose to make significant changes; they were not easy.  They were not something that happened overnight.   It has taken me over 9 months to lose my 30+ lbs.  It has taken me over 9 months to adjust to a better balanced exercise routine.  It has taken me over 9 months to make these positive changes.  It is a slow and steady process with a huge support network.  This the only way I could get through the tough times and the tough changes.   You need this too!!!!!!!    I am in the gym a lot; I work with a lot of people who when asked what they want “DON’T KNOW”.   Define your choices – what do you want to – look like, feel like, clothes you want to wear, set goals ~ I did and so can you.

Many speak of feeling better ~ how do you define feeling better?   Is it that you can stand, walk and move without pain?   Is it that you sleep seven or so hours a night?   Is it that you feel full after your meals or don’t feel full (bloated)?   Is it that you can button your jeans and not have to adjust a size or 2 up?     Feeling better / feeling healthy is about positive choices.  Where do we start?   I sought out many different professions.   As a personal trainer in the gym, I started with the physician – and a physical.  My cholesterol was elevated – so I knew food changes had to occur.    I tried to manage this myself – changed protein shakes to the point that the store manager knew me by name – what worked for my belly?    I then sought out nutritionist(s)- we added a little of this took a little of this away, worked with spacing of food and portions – all in my mind a PIA!   I didn’t have all this extra time to be creative in the kitchen, that’s when frustration took over.  Then I added a health coach which educated me beyond what I knew for being in the gym – what a difference this has made!   As I tell my clients we individuals are like chemistry experiments – we don’t know the right mix of food, exercise sleep until we trip over it or find the right individual to put all the pieces together.

As with everything it takes time to find what works and when you get your body into a true fat burning state, it becomes efficient and weight loss, inflammation and exercise work together.    We, as moms are busy with the family, planning organizing the household, but we have made choices that do not support us and our bodies.   When we take the time to step back, evaluate what is best for us as individuals, we recognize the changes we need to make and stop short changing our bodies.     Are you ready to step back, re-evaluate your choices and make positive changes for your future?    I am a sexy, passionate creative woman and I am healthy and feel amazing ~ are you ready to make these changes?