A teachable moment …

Have you ever woke up with a hang over?   You know the feeling – cotton mouth, head pounding and wanting to explode if you move the wrong way.   Your stomach was bloat and you weren’t sure if you would feel better if you puked.    You just wanted to curl up in bed and forget the day existed.  Little did I know that making substantial changes in my food choices would produce such an overwhelming response from my body.    Nine months ago I made a lot of changes to the way I eat.   I eliminated milk/dairy, substantially reduced gluten and practically eliminated sugar (chocolate covered almonds my weakness).    I have been in a good place for some time now and continue to practice good habits.    My neighbor was wanting ice cream and asked if I wanted to go for a quick ride, I thought it was much better than a drink – but little did I know how much I would pay for it later.    A double scoop, chocolate and chocolate chip tasted oh so good, or did it.

The morning after eating a double scoop of ice cream became a teachable moment I will never forget!   I would have sworn I had finished 2 pitchers of margaritas I felt so bad.    I realized that in just that moment of indulgence, I consumed over 27 grams of sugar (21 grams too many!!) it was such a shock to my body.   Then combined with dairy – my body went into inflammation overload.   Inflammation, bloating, gas constipation a full on attacked – I hated how I felt and nothing I did worked.    When I work with clients, my first question is what have your eaten?    What we put into our body really affects everything!     I ask my clients what did you eat for breakfast … simple enough ~ I get all kinds of answers but once you understand balanced eating there is no other way!

I flooded my body with water.  I tried to exercise but felt sluggish and had a bloated belly for days.    Sadly, it took me almost 4-5 days to feel human again.   I never realize how bad I felt on a daily basis when I approached food and eating from a different perspective, I ate a lot of dairy, yogurt ~ it doesn’t work for me.   I am a consummate chocoholic; M&M’s were always available – but cut that out.    Pasta had always been a staple for me, not anymore!    The foods we consume and the choices we make shape our bodies and cause a lot of havoc on our digestive, immune systems and waist lines … until we make major changes we will never know what good feels like.  And I realized what one sweet indulgent can and did do to kick my butt!    It was not worth it ~ I am a sexy passionate creative woman!    Can you make major changes and reshape your body mind and soul?   Let me help!


Starting is the hardest part …

Starting is the hardest part ~ I am a personal trainer, body image is critical to the people I work with and to the people I am aspiring to work with.   To me I was fat and I hide it well.    How could I be in the health and wellness industry and not be able to handle my own weight gain?  I was in the gym 6 days a week, working out, demonstrating exercises to clients and teaching 5-6 classes a week.  I sought out nutritionists, had a physical and blood tests, tried many different protein shakes, I changed how and when I ate – nothing worked, I was depressed.   Looming ahead of me was my daughter’s wedding and I was the heaviest I have ever been and I was totally embarrassed by how I looked.   I read books on food and eating, diet you name it, tried a lot of different things nothing worked.   I tell my clients your body is a chemistry experiment and the trick is to find the right combination of exercise, sleep, food that works for you and your life.    I did ~ after years of trying I changed my priorities, sleeping 5 hours was not enough, I needed 7 hours.   So what were my priorities?   I always put everyone first.   As a wife, mother I was always last.   I made some major changes over the course of the past nine months.  I am now a priority in my life.   My eating habits have changed; food is now a fuel to keep the machine running at high efficiency.   Mediation and yoga have become a new component and the higher intensity exercises are no more.    Inflammation and cortisol levels have reduced, my knees, feet and back no longer hurt.

As I approach the six-month mark, I have reshaped my body, I am 29 pounds lighter.  I am a different person, I like Kathy.    I have grown and changed during this process.  I got a puppy, Maggie.   She has become my partner in crime.   We hike, we walk, she reminds me to get outside and move.   My creative side has blossomed, painting and photography have become an integrated part of me.   I am still seeking balance, I am still growing and changing but I know I can do anything I set out to do and realize that I was my own worst enemy.  I realized my passions have always been a part of me, but took a back seat to life.   This has been hard for me put it out there, to put it in writing but if my journey helps one individual I know why I have always said; I want to make a difference in people’s lives.    I am a sexy creative passionate leader.   What defines you?